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About Us


My name is Dawn and I am the founder of  'HELPING HANDS PET SERVICES'.  In early 2006 I was looking for a personal, friendly service who would love our family pets as we do. I needed some help with caring for our 3 cats when we went on holidays and a flexible reliable service to pop in and take Spencer our dog for a walk or loo break when I was unable to get home. I couldn't find a service offering all this, so after a lot of research, hard work and the support off my husband and Adult Daughter, by spring 2007 I had created one and we were ready to launch.....


I have always had pets in my life. I enjoyed growing up in the countryside where my parents owned a cattery. My Father was also an R.S.P.C.A Inspector, and he taught me how to care for all types of animals. We owned dogs, cats, hens, geese, pigs and even a donkey. The pet service I have created with HELPING HANDS is special because I know how precious our pets are to us. All of our clients pets are cared for with love and devotion. Helping Hands work is truly rewarding, especially when a clients dog rushes excitedly to the door when being collected for her lunchtime walk or when a very timid cat booked in for the mobile cattery service has trusted our help and sits purring happily keeping us company whilst we clean the litter tray.

Our Pet Services include Dog Walking, Puppy Checking, Pet Visits For Small Pets and our highly popular Mobile Cattery Service, which has proven to be a huge success with cat owners who don't want to board their pet...... Whatever help you need..... JUST ASK!

in January 2008 Due to the high popularity and growth of our services Helping Hands were soon able to start creating employment for people living in Gateshead and Newcastle to work alongside us. Then in 2012 because the business was now a very large Dog and Cat Care Service the Natural progression for Helping Hands was to split into two and for our Daughter Emma and husband Stephen to take over the managment and running of the Dog walking and Puppy checking side of the business. Emma has worked with us since we started in 2007 whilst also working full time for Northumbria Police, Stephen's work background has also been with the Police, he was part of the Neighbourhood policing team. Both made the decision to leave the force and embraced the opportunity to own Helping Hands Dog Services and they have with great success. They refreshed the services and added more personal touches such as themed doggy days out from Halloween Frankin Paws adventures to Christmas days out to see Santa Paws ! New services available include half hour early morning and teatime walks and a Pet Taxi. The services are available for all Helping Hands regular clients only, we don't take outsourced bookings from other services.

I now run our very busy Mobile Cattery Service with the help of my wonderful staff "The Cat Ladies" Our Clients can leave their Cats happy and content holidaying in their own home when they are away, instead of having to use boarding facilities or ask family and friends. We also keep an eye on your property making sure post is picked up and everything is safe and secure.

To provide all of our services we have a great team of staff to help us. We don't crossover our staff within Helping Hands, we like to have the right people doing the right job. All of our professional Dog Walkers work just with the dogs and puppies and The Cat Ladies work just on our Mobile Cattery Service, so our clients know they have the appropriate member of staff looking after their pet . Working with a team of staff is a great benefit for clients, if one staff member has a problem getting to your pet we have another member in place who can step in straight away. I feel this is a much more safer and reliable way to provide a Home visiting Pet Care services like Helping Hands because unexpected things can happen, for example your car might break down or you may become unwell, being part of a large team gives our clients the reassurance that we will always provide their service whatever life or the weather throws at us, rather than a person working all alone in this industry with no support. Our clients soon feel part of the family and you will too once you have used Helping Hands. We don't offer gimmicky deals, competitions or sale prices to tempt clients , instead we provide superb loyal services by genuine animal lovers at affordable prices.

The area's we cover are in and surrounding... Gateshead and Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

Many of the dogs that we walk are rescue dogs. These once damaged animals now have loving new owners and a happy life, and we continue that care when they are with us. We prefer NOT to use vans or cages to transport the dogs because i wouldn't want our dog spencer to travel that way so Emma, Stephen and all the staff use cars instead. When traveling your Dog is safely secured on the seat or in the rear of the car and they are happy to look out of the window and watch the world go by as they travel. Helping Hands use various vehicles to provide all of our services. We invest in vehicles that can get us around even in severe weather conditions , including a Toyota RAV -4x4, Mazda Cx5 -4x4 and a Skoda Yeti -4x4,  keeping us Mobile everyday of the year.

Animal Welfare is our priority, and we will always accommodate our services accordingly to what is best for your pet.

We added a clients comments page to the site in May 2008 so that you can write directly onto the website yourself instead of having to come through us. Clients can leave messages and say what they think about their service, good or bad, which gives an honest opinion and helps potential clients with their decision to use Helping Hands. You can see more up-to-date comments on our FACEBOOK PAGES...

Im Hugely proud of Helping Hands and what we have achieved. I started the business in a very humble fashion, I didn't have grants from the Goverment or financial help from banks, but from sheer hard work, entrepreneurial spirit and most importantly the trust of our clients, Helping Hands has grown into the wonderful Pet service I imagined it would be, providing a warm and friendly service that you can trust.

At a consultation Myself or Emma bring along documentation and information about Helping Hands. Everyone who works for Helping Hands have reference and personal I.d security checks